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Jefford Curre’ breaks silence on the close encounter, during the deadliest massacre in USA history.




As pandemonium set in among the Las Vegas resort community, Jefford Curre’ reminisced on his childhood,  as he spoke with Stars In Paradise magazine.    “I could not help thinking that if I was still an active member of a Pentecostal church in the Bahamas, I would still be in one of those long services at the time of the tragedy.   It was our last Las Vegas week stopover for the Fall season and it just so happened to fall on October 1st.   I talked to a few relatives and friends that week on the phone, but did not want to create unnecessary concern.  I thought it would be a better idea to wait until things subsided in the media before sharing any details.’’

Just one month earlier Jefford Curre’ touchdown to rock Vegas as a guest of the Steve Forbes Seventieth Birthday Anniversary Celebration. This time he had returned for, believe it or not – quiet time. The Bahamas leading man of action passed on all complimentary invites and opted for a private residence.   He used the quiet time to concentrate on completing an updated draft for his new book episode “Jefford Curre’ Civilian Engagement’’, which is set for release exclusively on Amazon this Thanksgiving. To this point everything had gone right on schedule. RiQashan, a younger member of the entourage, had made the line-up as a Brand Ambassador for the Route 91 Country Music Festival. Then a mysterious wave of events started to unfold.
Within hours the busy Las Vegas Strip became as barren as a ghost town.

Earlier that day there was a state of confusion, concerning the schedule of RiQashan’s Brand Ambassador contract.  Even with the best connections, politicking and negotiating, a degree of uncertainty remained surrounding her assignment.  “I was in the middle of my final draft when Danielle burst through the door and informed us that a round of machine gun fire had just rained from an elevated window of the Mandalay Bay Resort.  My adrenaline kicked in and everyone naturally went into high alert.   The first thing that came to my mind was, ‘Where is RiQashan’. Later that evening we got the sobering news.   If everything had gone according to plans, she would have been directly in the line of fire of the biggest massacre in USA history.”

It was a moment of truth for the globetrotting Curre’ family.  Her contract covered a five day promotional event appearance at the Mandalay Bay Resort, but no appearance was required at the festival  the evening of October 1st.   Highly disappointed, she headed back from the Mandalay Bay Resort, and went directly to bed.   An hour later all hell broke lose on the exact location of where she would have been assigned. The local police did an excellent job in a sweep of the area, as rumors of a possible second shooter was beginning to set in along the Las Vegas Strip.  Early the following morning everyone was given an option to show or not show up to complete the Brand Ambassador project that was to continue inside the Mandalay  Bay Resort.

RiQashan Curre’ has an unusual ability to remain in high spirits, even through some of the most trying times. That could be due to the fact that she uses her faith as a means to overcome, by relying on a power greater than herself.  On the other hand, it could be due to the fact that she was literally born on a Walt Disney location. In an early morning interview with Stars In Paradise magazine RiQashan told reporters that she felt it was important to the Curre’ family’s code of honor, to fulfill the contractual obligation and not leave the promoters hanging in a mess, just because of one mad man. After a critical assessment, it was decided that Jefford, along with an upscale security deployment would accompany RiQashan back to the Mandalay Bay Resort to fulfill the last two days of the contractual obligations. The Bahamas leading man of action spent the day doing his best to comfort broken people around Las Vegas. Some called it pure luck, others say it was divine intervention. Regardless of what label you place on this series of mysterious events, one thing has been brought to the forefront of everyone, plans for tomorrow are only plans.  For Jefford Curre’ and the Bahamas First Family of Cinema, it means putting off nothing for tomorrow and being thankful for even the storms and detours along the way.
Remaining positive, the Curre’ family continues to celebrate as though the world will never end.




JEFFORD CURRE’ seen OUT, carrying a ladies’ NINE WEST HANDBAG filled with pomegranates in San Francisco. Bahamas Film Industry Sip Sip.




Paparazzi caught Jefford Curre’ red handed out in public, in broad daylight on the streets of San Francisco, wearing a Nine West ladies’ handbag. P.S: He was with a girl that looks a lot like Darlene (co-star from the “Paradise Intrigue” movie). Bahamas Film Industry Sip Sip… On

BAHAMAS FILM INDUSTRY NEWS report. WHO WILL WIN the most sought after accolade in the new world of Box-office excitement?


WHO WILL WIN the most sought after accolade in the new world of Box-office excitement? It’s a medal you won’t find in the hands of everyone. Only the best of the best in Box-office Innovation, Entertainment Science, Kindness and Philanthropy, as well as Performance Art will make the cut.. Who will make it through the minefield of some of the world’s most gifted individuals nominated. Who will win this year’s ”JEFFORD CURRE’ DISTINGUISHED MEDAL OF HONOUR?” keep up with  Bahamas Film industry report




It was exclusive, exquisite and by invitation only.   In high gala spirits, 1,100 special guests jet-set  onto the exotic setting of the Paris Resort in Las Vegas.  They were there for one purpose and one purpose only, to celebrate in grand style, the 70th Anniversary birthday bash of Steve Forbes, Editor-in-chief of Forbes media.  Among the prestigious “A” list guests was Jefford Curre’.  The Bahamas leading man of action was given a much welcome seat at table one. The star of the Bahamas first movie, “Paradise Intrigue’’ was among only thirty guests that was invited on a full complimentary VIP invitation to this award-winning evening. As always, he passed on the wine in exchange for a glass of virgin cranberry juice with no ice. He was then officially welcomed with a handshake from Mr. Forbes.  After a few press snapshots, the evening got going with a blazing start. The event was spectacular and they don’t come bigger. Take a deep breath, there’s more, the party doesn’t stop there.

The Forbes brothers moved the party invasion to New York City, with a guest audience of 1,000. Kicking off another round of outrageous fun and frolic as they celebrated the 100 anniversary of Forbes magazine.


The Forbes are no stranger to lavish events. In 1989 Malcolm Forbes, Steve Forbes father, set the bench mark high, sparing no expenses for a memorable time. For his 70th birthday celebration, he flew 800 plus invitees in three Morocco-bound jets, charted by Forbes at a reported cost of $1 million.  It was an all-expense paid scrumptious happening.  Names like Elizabeth Taylor, Oscar de la Renta, Barbara Walters and Walter Cronkite were just a few among the Who’s Who celebrity guest list. Well that was then.


Today a new generation of Forbes, continue to raise the bar, with an even bigger focus on people and encouraging wealth, to create a better world. The Forbes line up of celebrations brought together the best of the best and some of the most brilliant minds on the planet.

The Steve Forbes 70th Birthday celebration and the 100th anniversary of Forbes magazine marks a historical milestone as it inspires positive leadership, outstanding innovations, economic education, philanthropy and lifestyle advancements. The Forbes continue to reassert their position as global economic leaders and perhaps the most relentless party animals on the face of the earth.




“Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal Of Honor” off to a great start.


For many it rivaled the anticipation and excitement of New Year’s Eve countdown while raising the bar on respect, kindness and honor.

This New Year’s Eve marked another important milestone in the history of honor and entertainment. For some, it might have been just another year-end, but for many it was a double thriller. The anticipation of the announcement of the winners of the “Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal Of Honor” rivaled the excitement of the New Year’s Eve countdown. It was the official introduction of a new and exciting accolade named after Jefford Curre’. Jefford Curre’ is the inventor of the Bahamas Film Industry and the box-office entrepreneur who financially engineered the rise of the Bahamian indigenous movie-making movement (

What is it that sets the “Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal Of Honor apart from every other award?

It is not given down, it’s given up.” Jefford explains. “Everyone the committee nominated is much better than I am in the category that they were nominated for. It’s equally important to note that while I do admire their work, I do not fall under their leadership. However, many lives have been touched by the tireless work of each and every nominee. I don’t know of any award you can receive without having a particular social tie-in, political affiliation, military club membership or religious grouping. We felt there was a gap and the time was right to change the motivation for accolade giving. It seems only fair and makes complete common sense. Why can’t we just give honor simply because honor is due?”

The launch of the “Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal Of Honor took one year in planning. It was impressively executed by a social media team of goal sharing volunteers and friends of the Curre’ family. The entire team spent a fun filled New Year’s Eve weekend hanging out with Jefford at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. Without a hitch, the “Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal Of Honor” got off to a great start, announcing its first round of winners exactly as the clock struck twelve.

Terrance Rodgers created the biggest upset of the night as he took a commanding lead in votes, winning the top spot in the category of Entertainment Science. It was a category that many thought could have easily been dominated by the iconic, crowd-pleasing Lincs Scavella or the communication master, Ossie Andros. Sneaky film industry pioneer

William Butler took the win in the category of Box-Office Innovation, closely followed by the gorgeous Swedish filmmaker, Anna Essling and Lincs Scavella. Terrance Rogers however took a pounding in the category of Kindness and Philanthropy up against the good deed gladiator Pema Dorjee, who took the winning accolade, sending Cristian S. Aluas running for cover. Christian S. Aluas rebounded with incredible resilience to forge an amazing and impressive win at the top of the ”Performance Art” category. He barely edged out the forever controversial Ossie Andros who was closely trailed by Anna Essling in the final countdown. All results are now official.

The Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal Of Honor has opened the portal to a new world of opportunities in entertainment, arts, science and philanthropy. It was originally planned as a simple goodwill gesture,” says Jefford, “But somehow it got blown completely out of proportion. Judging from the overflow of positive feedback, the next event could quadruple in scale. There are special people among us who have made a major difference in the lives of so many. They have made a decision to commit full time to the sharing of their leadership abilities and special gifts, in order to make the world a better place. Most of us simply go on without even realizing how much their contributions have impacted what we may now take for granted. The Jefford Curre’ Distinguished Medal Of Honor is out to raise the bar on Respect, Kindness and Honor.”